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Who we are

Powertrains for the most demanding applications

Using resources effectively. Maximising performance.

Our company was founded in 1969 as Dr. Schrick GmbH by Dr Peter Schrick (*1934, † 2007) in Cremlingen-Abbenrode near Braunschweig. We have an extensive background in motorsport and especially in the manufacturing of camshafts. Tim Schrick, son of company founder Dr Peter Schrick, has carried on the Schrick family tradition with his career as a race-car driver and television presenter for motorsport and racing.

In 1970 Dr. Schrick GmbH expanded at its new site in Remscheid. The company developed its first turbocharger in 1972, followed by its first complete engine for racing purposes in the mid-1980s.

During the 1980s and 1990s the company established itself as a supplier of powertrains for the motorsport and automotive industries. Further milestones for the company followed in the 1990s: e.g. the first petrol engine for series production (1992), the first hybrid concept (1995) and finally, in 1998, the first non-automotive powertrain, which laid the foundation for AVL Schrick’s future cooperation with various non-automotive sectors. Roger Wildemann has been the Managing Director of AVL Schrick since 1998.

Today, AVL Schrick develops and manufactures internal combustion engines and engine components. The company joined the AVL Group in 2002 and has been operating under the name AVL Schrick GmbH since 1 September 2007. As a result, AVL Schrick is now affiliated with the world’s largest privately owned company for the development of powertrain systems.

AVL Schrick has been actively developing new, alternative powertrain technologies since the early 2000s and began integrating hybrid technologies in vehicles as early as 2003. Owing to its strong growth, the company expanded in 2007, opening a new site. In 2010 AVL Schrick began series production of CHP engines. The year 2012 saw the expansion of its small-series production of APUs, as well as research and development work in Waste Heat Recovery systems.

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Renato Sensi

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AVL SCHRICK GmbH facts and figures:

Legal formGmbH
Foundedin 1969 as Dr. Schrick GmbH; in 2007 change of name to AVL SCHRICK GmbH
HeadquartersRemscheid (Germany)
Managing DirectorsDr. Josef Ernst, Roger Wildemann
Employees365 (2017)
Revenue€50,6 million (2017)