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Battery Development


E-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional solutions. Standards, regulations, market requirements and customer expectations are all changing quickly. Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.

We have access to different global cell and battery technologies worldwide and we are not limited to a special chemistry or cell design. With our global battery team we support battery projects around the world.

We care about the most important topics for the development of today’s batteries and those of the future.
Our focus on a dedicated range of services and products along a battery’s development process allows for the development of batteries from the assessment and selection of a single cell up to SOP of a fully validated battery pack.

While focusing on performance, as well as on mechanical and thermal integration of the pack into the vehicle, the overall cost of the battery at volume production stage is always considered. As of today, questions regarding the technology are in everyone’s focus, but low cost design, serviceability, energy efficiency and recyclability is becoming more and more important as the e-mobility market matures.

Christian Hölzel

Christian Hölzel

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Mr Christian Hölzel would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have, either by phone or by email.

AVL’s Product Portfolio for Battery Development and Testing

Testing & Benchmarking
A variety of highly instrumented cell and battery testbeds makes it possible to test and benchmark the full range from high power and high energy cells up to complete battery packs with 500 kW power.

Thermal and Mechanical Simulation
All electrical and thermal parameters that are obtained by advanced cell measurements are used to parameterize our dedicated electro-thermal models for best thermal performance of batteries. Mechanical analysis (strength, crash, etc.) is based on the corresponding mechanical models.

Battery Design Engineering
Battery design experts take care of all mechanical and electrical integration aspects and make sure that the design meets volume production requirements.

Battery Prototype Build
Batteries of any sample stage, from single prototypes to several tens of A and/or B samples, can be built-to-order during or after design engineering.

Battery Management System (BMS) Development
AVL’s proprietary battery management system assures the safe operation of the battery pack according to ISO 26262 while maximizing the battery performance by, for example, providing very accurate SOX values.

Battery System Validation
With battery experts and a dedicated methodology in the field of reliability, durability and validation, lifetime and warranty targets are assessed.

Battery Testing & Emulation
All expertise in the field of battery development helps us to develop advanced solutions for battery testing and emulation (AVL E-Storage TesterTM and EmulatorTM). We also deliver turnkey solutions for entire battery labs to our customers.