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Charging System Development

Utilising resources. Maximising performance.

From small, 2-cylinder petrol engines to large marine diesel engine, turbocharging is a key technology in the achievement of future targets for the reduction of CO2 and other exhaust emissions. This technology is also used for increasing the performance of combustion engines.

The team of AVL SCHRICK supports you effectively throughout the entire development process: from the conceptual design and dimensioning of individual components to the development and testing of complete turbocharging systems and their matching to the combustion engine.


Today, benchmarking represents an essential process in the engine and turbocharger industry. It is used not only for the optimisation of individual components but also for the ongoing improvement of development and manufacturing processes.

AVL SCHRICK offers you a broad spectrum of benchmarking services and manages large volumes of data. Our services include: performance comparison through mapping on the AVL hot-gas test bench, complete design analysis including flow and strength simulation, material analysis and the evaluation of manufacturing methods and costs.

Stefan Stauch

Stefan Stauch

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Concept design

Every new turbocharger development begins with a concept and a feasibility study. AVL SCHRICK is able to examine and assess new turbocharger concepts for combustion engines within very short time frames. In this area, we offer the following services:

  • Technology comparisons
  • Turbocharger matching
  • Preliminary dimensioning of system components based on gas exchange simulation
  • Preliminary design of turbocharging systems, taking into account packaging limitations and manufacturing options
  • Development of control strategies
  • Cost analysis

Dimensioning and design

The wheel dimensioning is performed using a custom-made1D-code; then the wheels are adapted to existing or to in-house-developed bearing systems. Previous concept studies and engine specifications serve as the basis for these processes. The design models are generated parametrically in order to guarantee that various versions can be produced quickly and efficiently, fully exploiting the optimisation potential from the results of calculations or changes in the connection points of the turbocharger.

In order to guarantee the optimal turbocharger performance, our experts always consider the entire engine system and perform analyses taking into account all key factors affecting the operation of the turbocharger.


The calculation and simulation of turbocharger components has become increasingly important in recent years. AVL SCHRICK takes advantage of large databases and state-of-the-art simulation methods, both of which are further developed on an ongoing basis, and checks this data against actual results from component and engine tests. With these capabilities, we have a sound analytical basis that gives us a huge potential for various approaches to turbocharger optimisations: e.g. for the selection of turbochargers and the comparison of concepts using 1D gas exchange simulation, for the evaluation of through-flow using 3D-CFD simulation, for the analysis of noise levels using NVH analysis or for the improvement of durability using strength simulation and thermomechanical simulation.


The in-house manufacturing of turbocharger components offers a special advantage in the development of turbocharger components. For the production of prototypes as well as small series, AVL SCHRICK produces compressor and turbine wheels milled from solid in all standard materials (e.g. alloys of aluminium and iron, as well as nickel-based alloys). In addition to milling, our capabilities include tool-free and tool-based primary shaping processes, enabling us to recommend the optimal production processes for our customers’ requirements. As a member of the global AVL Group, we have an extensive network of suppliers, with whose support we are able to procure any component and deliver complete turbocharger systems to our customers.


AVL SCHRICK has been operating its own hot-gas test bench since 2009, performing extensive mapping, functional testing and special testing for leading OEMs and turbocharger manufacturers. The measurement of compressor and extended turbine maps (using closed loop) has become an important part of the AVL engine-development process.

Furthermore, we have access to a wide variety of efficient methodologies through the AVL Group and its extensive expertise: for the evaluation of turbocharging systems and the optimisation of control and NVH systems, either on the engine test bed or in the vehicle.