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Systems Engineering

In 2025 it is likely to expect that approximately 85% of all new vehicles will have some level of electrification implemented in order to meet the CO2 targets. Ranging from Mild & Full Hybrids to PHEVs, BEVs and even Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, the OEMs will differentiate themselves with different approaches. AVL Schrick has the know how to assess which powertrain is the most suitable ranging from passenger cars, commercial vehicles and 2-wheelers. Furthermore, our extensive experience in system design, component selection and integration will lead to rapid development of demonstration vehicles to show-case the selected technology.

Taking advantage of the global AVL expertise, we are able to develop programs up to SOP for 48V, 400V & 800V ranging from component development and optimization, powertrain system integration and testing as well as full vehicle engineering services.



Hybrid and electric vehicle benchmark and analysis
Benchmarking supports the complete development process and can be utilized in early concept phases as well as in SOP development.

Vehicle and powertrain system simulation
The challenge of reducing time and costs along the product development cycle causes a growing demand to replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes applying frontloading.

Powertrain system & E/E design and integration
As a pre-requisite for a vehicle build, the EE design and integration team assures communications between all components and sensors and modify or build a wireharness on demand.

HCU and VCU controls development and calibration
Whether an individual controls solution is needed or if there is high time pressure, you can trust our fast, competent and reliable engineering services.

LV & HV component testing and optimization, including e-axle
Performance characterization is an indispensable step in the HEV powertrain development. Highly integrated systems / components and complex interfaces impede often the characterization on test beds.

Prototype vehicle build and test
We utilize all in-house competencies to support the vehicle integration activities (CAD, CAE, systems engineering, test factory and SCHRICK manufacturing).

Project management
To assure a good allignment between customers and project teams, our experienced Project managers manage expectations, projects targets and cost already during the acquisition phase.

Bert Kehrens

Bert Kehrens

Direct Contact

Mr Bert Kehrens would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have, either by phone or by email.

Component Testing

Our aim is to identify system and component parameters and characteristics from engineering perspective. This means the identification of system relevant component behavior and functionalities.
Using our competence in system engineering, controls development and vehicle integration we are able to analyze usually hidden features and technical solutions

The latest addition to our test capabilities is an E-Axle testbed that is capable of 360kW Peak, 5800Nm Peak @ 800V.

HMI, Powertrain Visualisation

Our function developers have a broad expertise in the development of control strategies for all electrified powertrains. To support demonstrating new technologies in our vehicles we use our internal developed HMI, based on an android Tablet or mobile phone.
This solution not only enables us to visualise energy flows, component states but it also allows us to switch between components and control strategies.
All around, our HMI is your best choice for a clear demonstration either to the public or as a basis for assessment by your management.