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Energy Systems Development

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AVL SCHRICK has many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems in small series.

The principle of combined heat and power is based on the co-generation of electricity and heat through the conversion of the chemical energy of fossil fuels or biofuels. The overall efficiency of a CHP system is much higher than that of a conventional power-generation unit: this representing an active contribution to climate protection. CHP systems require specifically developed engines : in this area, we focus on a power range of 1-50 kW.

ORC systems convert the otherwise unused waste heat into electrical energy. As with combined heat and power units, ORC systems operating in higher output ranges are already state of the art. At power outputs of less than 100 kWel and low waste-heat temperatures, most turbine-based ORC systems reach their limits. The ORC system developed by AVL SCHRICK GmbH on the basis of a piston expander allows for power generation at low waste-heat temperatures.


  • Concept studies
  • Design, development and production of complete combustion engines and other reciprocating machines
  • Adaptation of engines, e.g. passenger car engines, for use in CHP applications
  • Design, development and production of CHP and ORC systems
  • Market and cost analyses
  • Damage investigation and troubleshooting

Bert Kehrens

Bert Kehrens

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