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High Precision Manufacturing

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AVL is the number one global partner for high precision manufacturing for leading OEMs, prototype manufactures and premium motorsport teams. With over 40 years of experience, AVL manufactures components with the highest level of precision, quality and customer service. Their manufacturing includes rotatory and cubic components and extends from the classic five components (camshaft, crankshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block and connection rod) up to various vehicle, industrial and E-Motor/Battery components. Flexible tool and device concepts, a fully air-conditioned manufacturing site and in house experts for all machining needs, ensure the quality and timeline you depend on. Upon request, we can take responsibility for the management of your entire supply chain. AVL’s tier-1 philosophy allows you to receive everything from a single source – from the procurement of raw parts or semi-finished products to the comprehensive and professional management of qualified suppliers.
Najim Feddahi

Najim Feddahi

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